Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter 18 Math

This chapter discusses the importance of a teacher incorporating technology in the classroom and how it can enhance lessons. By using different programs, different variables of examples can be manipulated, and the outcomes will change. Students can study these changes and become more familiar with the new concepts. They will understand how and why these problems and solutions work when they visualize the example. As technology continues to progress, teachers really need to bring technology into the classroom for students to become comfortable with the advances being made.

When I was in high school, not too many of my teachers used technology in the classroom to express ideas; however, the few who did are memorable. Concepts are embedded in my memory better when I have seen them or heard them in different words than the familiar manner of my teacher. The greater variety of ways teachers can express information, the more able different types of learners are to absorbing the information.


Jess Madigan said...

I completely agree with you that it is easier to remember the material that was expressed in a video. In my business class, I can remember the bank crisis step-by-step because we watched a video on it. When we went over it in discussion before the movie, I was lost, but the movie made things clear. Also, thinking back, I can remember watching a movie in Spanish in high school in which the characters are trying to escape Tijuana. I can recall the condition of the city and the faces of the people trying to leave Mexico for a better life. Another way we used technology in the classroom was in my 6th grade Spanish class. We listened to a CD of the capitals of Central America and South America and I can still recite them (South America... Caracas, Venezuela--Bogota, Columbia--Quito, Equador--Lima, Peru--La Paz, Bolivia--Asunsion, Paraguay--Santiago, Chile--Buenos Aires, Argentina--Montevideo, Uruguay--Brazilia, Brazil).

Klee said...

I agree with you Jen. Whenever there was technology involved, it made the math concepts so much easier to understand. I remember in my stats class, we started using SmartBoard for the second semester. It was so much easier to learn the concepts when I could see it visually on the board. It also became much easier when my teacher used manipulatives, and put them on the projector so that we could see how they moved and changed when manipulated.