Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Podcasts are a great tool for teaching children about any subject. It most cases it takes a normally dull subject and turns in into something entertaining and engaging. When teachers show videos or any other type of media in class, students are usually more prone to listen to the message of the lesson.

I also think podcasts are a great way to introduce young learners to technology. They will be working with audio, visuals, videos, and other sources of media. Teachers could easily use podcasts to no only make subjects more interesting, but also introduce the technology aspect. For example, I observed in a sixth grade class at BJHS last year and they listened to news podcasts every morning. They then had a chance to use their computers to make their own news photo story podcasts. The students took a lot from the activity; they were able to creatively work together!

I will definitely be using podcasts in my classroom, just for the simple fact that it is a stimulating way to teach a lesson. The technology aspect helps too :)

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