Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Possibilities of Websites and Reflection on PowerPoint

As a future high school English teacher, I found this week's reading especially interesting and useful.  Going through high school with the use of the internet myself, I know how helpful it can be for the student.  This chapter expanded on and emphasized the numerous possibilities the internet provides to really aid in the classroom and the learning process as a whole.  

By creating a classroom website, a teacher can really show his/her students what all is available to them literally at their fingertips.  As we learned in putting together our PowerPoint presentations last week, there are so many resources out there - you just have to know where/how to look for them.  By finding some of the better resources and putting them together in one place, a teacher can illustrate the power of the internet to his/her students without the frustration they may feel if they are looking on their own (at least at first).

The text also emphasized how a website can be a great place for students to post their writing.  I definitely agree that some students have more motivation to write to the best of their ability when they are writing for a real audience.  Also, I know for me, there have been some instances when posting a blog (and reading other posts) on a course website has forced me to think more critically about something or see something in a way than I might not have otherwise.  

This course has already taught me so much about the possibilities of technology in the classroom.  In doing the multimedia presentation especially, I have begun to see how even though I knew the basics before, I now can bring something completely different into a classroom - something that is interactive and hopefully will be able to reach students on a deeper level.  I think learning to create my own classroom website will be especially helpful.  Even though there is a lot on the internet that is far from educational, teaching students the right way to use the internet is definitely worthwhile.  

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