Sunday, September 28, 2008

Using the Web

I am just amazed at technology these days. Am I seriously reading about a class website? This is crazy to me since in my school days this was unheard. This chapter makes the web seem so easy and beneficial too.

Easy: Anyone can use it and most people are familiar with the basic tools of the computer anyway. You could use ADDIE or and it will guide you on how to create a website.

Beneficial: I really like the idea that students could incorporate mulitimedia tools in to their writings by using the web. Teachers could also test their students online by using With this website teachers could create interactive quizzes and then the results would be posted immediately-I thought that was so neat.

I really enjoyed reading the story about Ted Nellen and how he felt like people would benefit from posting their writings online because other people would be able to read the work. Most people write just so their information and opinions can be read. A class website provides the perfect opportunity for those students.

I just cannot believe I went from knowing the basics of word, excel, and the internet, and am now learning things I never knew existed. A class website seems really interesting and beneficial, but I don't even know the first step to creating one. So I'm anxious to see what I'll learn next.

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