Saturday, September 27, 2008

From PowerPoint to the Web

I thought the chapter we read was very interesting. Although I am nto planning on teaching highschool there were some great ideas that can be adpated to elementary school. For example having a class website. This wouldbe be an easy way to keep in touch with parents and students as well as have a place for studentsto check for homework assignments or extra activities. I really liked the ADDIE model of instructional design and the checklist for developing a website. Both of these seem to make it a lot easier then I thought to design and operate a web page.  I am excited to begin creating my own web page. 

I have already learned so much about PowerPoint. I never thought about all the ways it can enhance a classroom. Also when it combines with the web, you can post your presentations online for children to review later for tests. I love that they can be used again and again as well as with many of the presentation you can pick and choose which parts you want to use. 

As we discussed a little bit in class  I also believe this class should b a requirement int he education department.  Technology is changing the classroom so ALL teachers should know how to use it to their advantage and their students advantage. I have already learned so much I am much more confident in my technological abilities then I was before.

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