Sunday, September 28, 2008

Websites and Reflections

As the beginning of this chapter says, "the Internet is, at its heart, a community (89)." I completely agree with this statement. Although many of us may not want to admit it, we rely heavily on the Internet for communication with the people in our lives. I know that I spend massive amounts of time on Facebook catching up with my friends at different colleges. Well, someday the students that we teach are going to be using networking sites like Facebook too. I believe it is important to start out early with incorporating the Internet into our curriculum.

One great way to do this is by creating a class website. We are all on the Internet so much as it is, why not make it part of our homework? A class website can allow teachers to stay organized and have the students constantly know what is going on in the classroom. I know there are times when I have to do a certain project for a class and I wish I had some resources and help from my teachers. Well, a class website would be able to have these resources readily available to students. Also, a class website could cut down on the paper usage in classrooms and benefit the environment as well.

There are often times when I am sitting in classes trying to think about how I would personally make that class more exciting. Up until I took this course, I was unsure of how I would do that. But now that I am experimenting with different forms of technology, I realize that is quite simple to make lesson plans more interactive and entertaining for students. I have enjoyed learning about the possibilities of PowerPoint, and I even learned a few things from my classmates during the presentations. I honestly can't wait until I start implementing all of these ideas into my own classroom.

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