Thursday, November 8, 2007

Webquests in the Classroom

I think Webquest will be VERY helpful in the field. Coming up with lesson plans can sometimes be very difficult. It is great to have a way for teachers to share their ideas with others. I can see myself looking at other's Webquests and then modifying it for my own classroom. Many of the Webquests I have found are ways to use math in everyday life. I think this is especially excellent because many students do not understand the importance of math in their own world. There were lessons dealing with vacations, weather, sports, shopping, etc. Students will most likely be interested in one of these topics if not all of them. I have found that students are more motivated and willing to put in extra effort when they are interested in the project. With the thousands of Webquests out there I know I can find one that fits each individual class and I might even be motivated to create my own! It will be difficult to choose one that I think is the best, because there are so many that I like!


emc2teach said...

I completely agree with you, Lisa. Math is one of those subjects that student do not like to learn about because they don't see it pertaining to their lives. By using these WebQuests, students are not only able to understand the material, but they are also able to see how it can be used in everday life.

Jenna Passananti said...

I, too, can see myself using other teacher's webquests in my classroom. I hope to one day be able to create my own webquests that can help other teacher's as well.

Roberto Clemente 205 said...

Though I'm not a teacher yet, I do plan on using Webquests in my classroom often. I completely agree with you Lisa that it's nice to have a source for teachers to share information, ideas, and lesson plans. Currently I'm a junior in college and I'm coming up to my student assisting and student teaching very quickly. With that fact in mind I'm very excited that I am going to be able to use Webquests from other, more veteran, teachers in my classrooms. It would be nice if there were more "community" resources like this.