Thursday, November 8, 2007

Flickr and WebQuest

As with some of the other projects we've done this semester, I didn't really see the application of Flickr to mathematics at first. After some time, however, I saw how a math teach teach could be resourceful and find a use for a technology such as flickr, even if it is a stretch.

On the other hand, I can see clearly how WebQuests could be useful in teaching mathematics. I think that using WebQuests would be a great way of having students do projects or even just homework. WebQuests make students use the resources of the internet to accomplish the same tasks that they do in class. One advantage of WebQuests that we haven't really discussed yet is that they are environmentally friendly. I'm sure that any WebQuest project could be assigned using a paper format, but having the online format saves paper.


Tim Boylan said...

I agree with the assessment of Flickr. At first, I was skeptical about the practicality of it. After using it, however, I understand that it can be used to heighten a project or assignment and make a lesson more fun. It provides many teachable moments in which students can become a larger part of their own education by involving themselves in it (even if it is just taking pictures on their own and explaining their "stories").

Luci said...

I have also had some trouble relating some of our projects to English, but by the time we've finished discussing the project I have thought of some practical implementations for my classroom. I agree about the WebQuests, I really like them and look forward to researching them a little bit more, I think they can easily be incorporated into the classroom and as projects. I like your thought on them being environmentally friendly, I hadn't really thought of that yet either, and it's a very good point. Especially now that everyone seems to be going that way.