Thursday, November 29, 2007

Virtual Classroom

After reading the article about virtual classrooms in the United States and around the world, I had mixed emotions. First, I was not aware of the growing popularity of these virtual classrooms. I knew people at the college level who took online courses, but I did not know they were offered at the high school level. I think these virtual classrooms need to be more publicized because I do not think many people are aware that they exist. I think the virtual classrooms also need to be highly monitored to ensure that students are using them in the correct manner.

I do not think that these virtual classrooms will eliminate the need for actual teachers. Even if classes are taught online, someone has to create the lessons and monintor tests and discussions. I do think that the personal interactions are cut out if students are taking an online class, but I do not think that the virtual classroom will completely take over. Many people do not like interacting with a computer and learn better when actually interacting with people. I think the virtual classroom is a great way for students to earn extra credits and it is perfect for students that cannot get to school or have other committments.


Jenna Passananti said...

I agree that I do not think that virtual classrooms will grow so popular to eventually eliminate actual teachers. Schools have always been an important social institution in our society and I don't think they will ever be completely replaced.

BasSoc320 said...

I also agree that virtual classrooms will not take over the teaching profession. Although there are some positive aspects to virtual classrooms, there is something to be said for the personal interaction that teachers provide. Furthermore, there are some instances in which something can only be explained or understood, or at least it is easier to explain and understand, when people are face-to-face.