Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tech Integration/ Assistive Technology

I think there is a lot of skeptism about virtual high schools. I understand the concerns that many people offer, however, I see a lot of benefits from these schools. I think they can offer a great opportunity for students who may not have the ability or the chance to take that specific course. Many people were expressing concerns about the possibility of not needing teachers anymore, but I feel this is as little far fetched. There will always be schools, especially since not all students can handle online courses. Learning online requires a new way of thinking and learning and some students may not want to do that or may not be very good at that type of learning. It is because of these students that teachers will still have jobs. I see virtual high schools as a way to enhance a student's learning, not to replace it.

Assistive technology is a great way to incorporate students with disabilities into the classroom. The education system, as a whole, has been making a tend to incorporate students with disabilities into a classroom so that they feel a little more "normal" and not so much as an outsider. By providing these technologies to different students, they will be able to have that chance to be able to be in a main stream classroom and to actually succeed.

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