Thursday, November 29, 2007

Assistive Technology/tech integration

I am struggling with understanding how to use assistive technology in a Spanish classroom. I just wonder how practical and realistic it is to use that kind of technology. At this point in my professional development, it is hard for me to imagine myself using assistive technology in my classroom. I have worked in Special Ed classrooms, and I can see how useful the technology would be for those students. But because I never had a student with special needs in any of my high school classes it is hard for me to understand how that would work. I think if I ever had a student with special needs in my classroom, then I could research technology to help that person. But it is hard right now to blindly understand how to integrate this technology.

I think that integrating technology is extremely important to the future of education. There are so many more opportunities and resources for students that are in tech-friendly classrooms. However, I think that there is a limit to how large a role technology should have. I still think there is a lot of value to some of the more traditional forms of learning. I think technology should be there to enhance learning and not take over learning. I do not agree with virtual high schools in most cases. I can see how they would be useful in areas where other forms of education are not available. But I do not think they should be taking over areas that have perfectly good schools. I think the role of the teacher and other classmates is essential to learning. I don't think the same quality of education would ensue from a virtual classroom.

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