Thursday, November 29, 2007

Assistive technology

After becoming more familiar with the growing trend of virtual high schools, I have mixed feelings about it. I, along with the rest of our class, really feel that the social environment of a high school is super important in the educational and maturation process of each student. A high school, which often times can be seen as a social war zone with all the different types of social groups and organizations, provides students with a glimpse of reality. Throughout life, we all have to learn to communicate and associate with all types of people with all different personalities and I think that high school provides students with an opportunity to begin interacting with and learning from the students surrounding them. On the other hand, virtual high school is a great tool. By providing advanced and diversified classes, it opens up more opportunities for each student. Not every student progresses at the same pace or learns in the same way and I think that virtual high schools do a good job of providing students who are more advanced or prefer learning on their own a way to really succeed.

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