Thursday, October 18, 2007


After extensively researching podcasts and videocasts in class for the past couple days, I am absolutely amazed at how large the field for both resources is. The possibilities for finding a pod/video cast are endless. I think it is a great tool for all teachers to be aware and to incorporate into the classroom. Pod/video casts are especially helpful for second language teachers because it allows the students access to listening to native speakers speak the language as well as seeing the traditions and practices of the culture. On top of pod/video casting being a great tool for teachers, it is a wonderful way to stimulate the student's attention and get them interested in a topic beyond the daily reading and activities.

I feel that the internet can be a very very dangerous place for young children in our society. There are so many people out there that spend their lives trying to hack into other people's personal information. It is so important that parents are aware of their child's internet activity and that parents are educated enough on the internet to monitor their children's activities as well. I am aware that as a future teacher I am going to be responsible for protecting my student's identities on the internet and for educating my student's on the benefits yet the dangers as well of using the internet.

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Lisa Lig said...

I agree that it is very important for parents to be aware of what their kids are doing online. Also, they need to control the amount of time children spend on the computer.