Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cyber-Ethics and Podcasts

I want to talk about filtering that many schools use in order to try and prevent students from the many dangers online. At my high school several websites were blocked. Many were inappropriate sites that students shouldn't be on at anytime, but others were websites that the school just didn't want students to get distracted by during class. However, this proposed some problems when working on/researching projects. I remember when we had to do a math project about baseball statistics, but I could not get onto or because they were blocked. There should be some sort of system where websites can be authorized under certain circumstances so that problems like these do not occur.

As for the podcasts, I don't really find them extremely helpful for math. There is a lot of visuals and representations that need to be shown in math lessons. Therefore I find the videos much more useful for my future classroom. I believe that when students can see what is being explained they understand it better and more clearly.


Leah Nillas said...

That is why it is important to know what technology is more appropriate to use. Math is one of those subjects which more benefit from a videocast that podcast. You can search for videocast instead of on audio files.

Lauren Booth said...

I had similar problems with the filtering at my school. Yet, it is hard for schools to get the formula exactly right in terms of what websites are appropriate during school. Schools also need to watch out for students that can hack through the filter (I knew some people that figured out how to do that). Students are becoming more and more technologically savvy and educators need to realize that.