Thursday, October 18, 2007

Podcasts/Videos and Cyberbullying/ethics

Before Tuesday and today, I didn't really know much about podcasts. I had tried to figure them out before as well as had friends try to explain them to me. The problem was that I never really understood them. I feel a lot more confident about my knowledge about podcasts. I know that they are an audio file that can provide a great deal of knowledge about a subject. I can see how they can be useful in a classroom. They provide students with another way of learning about a topic. It is always nice to be able to switch up the way students are learning, plus it gives them a chance to learn from someone else instead of listening to me all the time. The same thing goes for videos. Videos can provide entertainment as well as knowledge to the students. The videos can be extremely educational and beneficial to the class, however, if the students are watching from an entertainment view, they will like the video more without realizing that they are still learning.

I was shocked to find out so much about the cyberbullying. I knew that there were bullies out there and that this type of thing did occur, however, I didn't know how bad it was. I was shocked with the statistics. I can't believe that there are so many people out there trying to bully people through the internet. It definitely makes me more careful about signing online homework. I can see how parents can get scared and nervous about their children using the internet even though they might mean well.

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BasSoc320 said...

What you said about videos providing entertainment as well as knowledge is very note-worthy. If students are entertained, they are going to be more willing and open to learn. However, there is a fine line between providing entertainment while still providing information and providing entertainment without worrying about providing information. Teachers must be careful to not let the students get so carried away in the entertainment aspect that they don't learn anything in the process.