Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tech Questions

Teaching with technology means teaching with an enhanced efficiency. For example, the use of power points helps students become more visually stimulated, keeping them interested in the material, while being taught the same information that a standard lecture teaches. Also, video clips, song bites, and pictures either downloaded from the Internet or provided through mp3s allows students to understand topics on levels unattainable by one dimensional lectures or discussions.

I think the biggest challenge of teaching with technology is overcoming minor setbacks and incositencies common with many websites and out of date materials (computers, operating systems, etc). Most of the time these setbacks are minor and easy to overcome but sometimes they can result in loss of teaching time or loss of lessons. Coping with these setbacks by either backing up resources or having numerous lesson plans are useful in the case of a computer crash or technological difficulties

The benefits using technology in teaching are teaching with an increased efficiency that allows for more learning/passage of knowledge and reaching levels of learning that are unattainable by the lecture format. By encorporating power points, music, video clips, and photographs, one is able to teach students a much more vivid lesson.

By taking this class I hope to gain a better understanding of technology as well as update my knowedge of technology. This class, I hope, will show me ways of incorporating technology in the classroom that I have not yet learned and allow me to reach students on multiple levels.


Jenna Passananti said...

I agree with Tim that teaching with technology ultimately increases efficiency in the classroom for teachers and students. Technology opens up a whole world of opportunities for both parties and I hope to gain a better understanding of how to be a more efficient teacher so that my students can learn more.

BasSoc320 said...

I like the fact that you acknowledged that a potential setback with using technology is that it could be out of date. Although much of technology is maintained and updated on a regular basis, we as educators need to not assume that this is necessarily the case. For example, in using the internet to look up facts and figures for a particular subject area, we need to make sure that we note whether or not the information we find was posted within the past week, month, year, or decade.