Tuesday, August 28, 2007

first post

I am studying to be a high school math teacher. Specifically, I would like to teach geometry and algebra, but I wouldn't mind teaching the upper level math courses either. I also plan on becoming a soccer coach and maybe even a basketball coach. I'd like to think that I am fairly competent in technology. I use computers on a daily basis, and I am pretty comfortable using a variety of different programs. I also took a technology class last term. As far as my disposition to technology is concerned, I am usually a little nervous when trying to learn how to use a new program, but I am a fast learner and I like expanding my technology repertoire.

Teaching with technology means using newer and more efficient means to help students learn in the best way possible. Teaching with technology also means relating to the students and staying with the times.

I think that the biggest challenge of teaching with technology is dealing with the setbacks and problems that sometimes occur, such as a server failure or machine difficulties.

The benefits of using technology in teaching include presenting information in a fun and appealing manner, explaining concepts in multiple fashions, and being able to accommodate to a variety of different learning styles and preferences in an efficient way.

From this course, I want to learn more about the programs I already know how to use and also learn how to use programs with which I am currently unfamiliar. I believe that this added knowledge of technological uses will greatly benefit my teaching abilities and help me relate course material to my students.


Lisa Lig said...

I thought it was great that you pointed out how technology can be useful towards different learning styles. Sometimes it is easy to forget that everyone learns in different manners and I agree that new technology is very helpful in trying to reach each student in your classroom.

Lauren Booth said...

I agree with a lot of your statements and you thought of some things I had not thought of. I agree with what you believe is the biggest challenge. It would be very frustrating to have a lesson planned and then not be able to use it because the technology was down. Technolgy is definitely an advantage in the classroom and it is interesting to see how different subjects can use it each to their own advantage. The other thing that I agree with is that using technology definitely can help to keep students interested because you are showing them a way to learn that is conducive to their technolgy-based lifestyle.