Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Brief View of My Concept of Technology

I am semi-competent with the concepts of technology. I enjoy learning new programs and learn them quickly. I am more familiar with personal computers as opposed to Mac but am willing to explore more of both. I have been to one power-point tutorial at school, but my first year I did a research project dealing with technology in the classroom of seventh grade students; this included the introduction of the Smart Board. Technology has been a growing resource in our classrooms as students, teachers, and administrators are using forms of technology for personal and professional growth. I feel that it is very important for teachers to be competent in the region of most forms of technology because of its place in our society. The internet has truly opened a door for the sharing and learning of information.

For me, teaching with technology is pretty important. I think it opens another way of approaching education and reaching students. It gives more opportunities for students to learn, research, share, and process information. By using technology in the classroom, one is able to have more variety in approaching curriculum. I feel it is important to learn the benefits of technology and also be aware of the "crutches" it may have in the classroom. The fact that technology is constantly changing, one has to be aware of the changes to know whether information is always up to date or a trustworthy source. In order for a teacher to help their students, it is important for them to be updated with new approaches to the technological world.

There are many benefits from the use of technology. It amazes me still how much information can be passed from person to person in minutes and even seconds. I also believe that the student/teacher communication is more attainable with the use the internet. Questions can be answered more quickly and students can seek more help when they are not in the classroom. I feel that technology has increased the ability to learn on one's own as well as explore information that one is more interested in.

I wish to learn to be more competent with all the different programs and areas of technology. Growing up in a rural school, PowerPoint on an old projector that only showed black and white was the only change from the basic chalk board. I wish to be able to integrate more technology in the classroom to benefit more students and refresh the every-day curriculum.

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