Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Thoughts on Technology

I am pretty comfortable with technology. I enjoy technology but it does scare me because I don't always understand why or how it works. When it comes to using the Internet or creating a word document or a PowerPoint, I feel that I am very capable. However if I need to do more, say create a web page or use java, I am lost. I am very willing to learn because I know that technology is the way of the future, which is why I'm interested in this courses content. I want to be more competent with technology, so I will be able to incorporate it into my classroom eventually.

To me, teaching with technology means the ability to use technology resourcefully and communicating critical information to your students. I think technology should be used for creative teaching, like creating games or websites in order to aid your students with the course material. I also think that teaching with technology means the ability to do every day technological tasks, such as creating PowerPoints and the ability to email. Technology is becoming more and more crucial to every day tasks, such as using the Internet as a reliable source for research and information. The ability to tell the difference between reliable and unreliable sources, and being able to help your students with their technological needs.

I believe the biggest challenge teaching with technology produces is the fact that technology upgrades and becomes outdated so quickly. Students always seem to be more savvy with new technology and it will be a challange to stay ahead of the game in order to keep up with technological needs. Another problem that arises while teaching with technology is the fact that technology doesn't always work. Today's class proves this fact, the overhead projector didn't work. This has happened in a few of my courses here at IWU, and it proves that you can't rely solely on technology, because problems may arise and the technology may not behave as you had hoped or anticipated.

I believe teaching with technology offers many benefits. For starters it allows a teacher to communicate with students out side of school, via a course website for example. It makes a teacher available to his or her students when they wouldn't be otherwise. I think it is a good learning tool because the use of technology in a classroom will help prepare students for their future by developing skills that they will need. The ability to type and use the Internet are crucial for student development today.

From this course I hope to learn critical skills that will be valuable in a classroom in the future. I hope to become more comfortable and competent with computers and technology. I know there is a lot to learn about technology and I feel the more I apply myself now, I will be better equipped to teach and work with students in a technological world. I think this course will also give me new great ideas that will only benefit me and my students in the future.


Leah Nillas said...

To be comfortable using technology means giving yourself time to explore different tools, websites, or softwares. I believe every educator should INVEST time to know some tools that interest him or her.

Lauren Booth said...

I think that you make some really good points about using technology in the classroom. You hope that it will work but you always have to have a back-up plan in case it doesn't. It will definitely be a challenge to stay on top of new software and updated technology. Your students will probably be very surprised that you know about the same kinds of technologies that they use.

LP619 said...

I completely agree with you, Luci. I think you make several keys points about teaching and technology. As teachers, we need to be one step ahead of our students, which can be difficult considering how quickly technology changes and how children are learning about it mauch faster than we are. I have to say that I share your reserves about technology. I wish I were more knowledgeable, and hopefully with this class, I will be. I also agree that the internet is a very important tool both in and out of the classroom. It alows teachers to communitcate with students, parents, and other faculty members. With the internet, a teacher can be available to her students at any time of the day.