Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What I learned in Edu 271

I think I will use the information I learned in this class often while student teaching and while teaching in the future. I love the Smartboard application, and even if I cannot use smart board during my student teaching at BHS, learning how to use Smartboard has improved my ability to use Promethean Board which is a very similar technology. In a way, I have learned how to use multiple technologies in one project. I really enjoyed the Planet Earth project. I do not believe I will be using it in the future, but I know how to do so if it coincides with a lesson extremely well. The photostory was very fun to create. I will probably use the exact story I created in my classrooms in the future. The webquest was very interesting as well. I have never tried anything like that before. I was concerned about the project because it was so foreign to me and I felt out of my comfort zone. After the project was completed though, I felt extremely happy with my work and learned a lot from the process. I learned many new technologies during technology of the week presentations and will probably use many of those in the future as well.

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LAN said...

You mean, Google Earth. You use creativity in designing your projects. You also need to use creatively in applying them in teaching. Looking forward to see that you are integrating technology (in action) during student teaching.