Thursday, March 7, 2013


1. What have you learned?

I have learned how to use many different technologies such as the smart board technology, google earth, and photo story. I learned how to use these different technologies in teaching settings. I have learned how to differentiate lessons using this technology and  how to effectivly assess the students on a given subject.

2. What are the challenges with respect to teaching/learning with technology?

I think the challenges with using technology is making sure that the actual technology is working and making sure that the students are on task. I think that limitations need to be set on computers to make sure that students stay on task. For example, blocking social media sites during school hours would keep the students from being distracted while on computers. I also think that a challenge with teaching with technology can be making sure that the software and wireless connections are working properly. There are often problems with wireless connections so I think that this could potentially be a problem. Teachers will have to work with IT to make sure that the wireless connections are functioning properly in the classroom.

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LAN said...

There are tools to help out monitor students while they are working with tablets, iPads, and other mobile devices. Part of learning how to use technology includes learning how to manage a class in a technological learning environment. It's another teaching skill to learn.