Thursday, March 7, 2013

I have learned...

I have learned that technology can be used as a tool to meet the needs of diverse learners. For instance, you could use a photostory for visual learners or a smartboard activity for more tactile, kinesthetic learners. Technology also can be used to help students with disabilities, such as technology that turns webpages into braille for visually impaired students. I also discovered that technology is not limited to tech experts. I saw this when I was able to create a Google Earth lesson even though I had not used Google Earth previously. Additionally, I learned that there is a large amount of technology tools available for teaching. It's just up to us to find and utilize these tools.

The main problems I have to experience concern troubleshooting. What were to happen if we needed to troubleshoot our technology while in the middle of the lesson? I'm also challenged with determining when to use technology without becoming too dependent on it.

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LAN said...

Dependency can be addressed by being purposeful when using technology. As teachers, our goal is using a tool that will facilitate students' learning.