Thursday, March 7, 2013

I have learned...

1. I have learned a lot about teaching and learning with technology over the last several weeks. At the beginning of this semester, I was not as familiar with technology, especially using it in the classroom. Exploring SmartBoard has been extremely helpful for me. My cooperating teacher uses it in the classroom everyday and it has become a regular part of the curriculum. I have also seen the difference in student motivation when the SmartBoard is being used, the students immediately raise their hand to participate when there is an interactive activity. Using the SmartBoard in the classroom is beneficial for students and as I continue to explore the technology I am becoming more comfortable with using it and creating lessons. I feel that after exploring different technology applications and thinking outside the box, you can use multiple forms of technology for teaching and learning in the classroom. Technology can be a wonderful resource in the classroom.

2. Some challenges that I find myself facing is relying on technology too much in the classroom and also patience. Sometimes technology does not work so it is important to be flexible and have a back up plan. What do you do in a classroom with 25 students and the SmartBoard is not working? Personally, I have to remember to have patience when teaching and learning with technology. I am not as familiar with a lot of these applications and I tend to have a lot of questions. Patience is key.

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LAN said...

With patience, you'll go a long way. Being exposed to different troubleshooting scenarios can further develop your tech and problem-solving skills. If the SB does not work, use the chalk or whiteboard. Improvise. Also, always have a plan B. In both cases, I totally agree, patience is a virtue.