Monday, February 1, 2010

Smart Board Project

As I continue to work on my project I am begining to find things are coming along slightly better. While working on the preliminary phases of my project, everything was very basic and seemed to me to be below par compared to what could be done with the smart board technology. The more I am able to use the software, the more I am beginning to understand it which is helping me to make a better project. The only problem for me is I am still struggling to find an interactive way to teach the Bill of Rights and Branches of Government. I have some video links, and I am trying to incorporate some games, but I still feel like I need to find more ways to make it interactive for my students.


Andrew Werkema said...

I agree, I have been able to use some of the games and activities but alot of the games they have do not work with my subject. I can think of one or two ways that I can involve my students but i feel like I stil have alot to add before it can reay spark my students intrests. I am also finding it getting easier putting my project together, i just need to make it more interactive.

jjameson said...

I kindo agree too. I mean, I have a lot of games thus far, but I feel like the example shown in class are a little bit more over the top than my own at this point. Overall though, I am having an easier time of working around the software and getting to know it. I think my project would/will be great to use for teaching kids about the different types of animals there are in the world. Simply have to keep moving forward.