Monday, February 1, 2010

SmartBoard Project

As I continue creating my Smartboard project, I am becoming more and more amazed at what SMART notebook is capable of. I had no idea that SMART notebook had so many interactive games, activities, and lessons. At first, the Smartboard project seemed very daunting to me because I was unfamiliar with SMART notebook and all that it is capable of. However, as I work on it more, I am realizing that anyone can incorporate the it into their lessons as long as they are familiar with how to use it.

One aspect of the SMART notebook that I particularly like is all of the interactive games available for teaching, reviewing, and assessing students. During my job search many districts want to know how I will use technology as a resource to teach students. Referencing this project as well as everything else I have learned so far in this course has helped me answer that question. Understanding how to use the technology to enhance student engagement is something school districts are now expecting of teachers and I think that that is why a course like this is so beneficial to us as pre-service teachers.

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mhandke said...

I agree that the most you get to use the Smart Board software, it becomes much easier to find new projects and activities which can be incorporated into a lesson. I also am sure that having this experience with the smart boards will help in the job search, especially when the project is completed, you will have a hard copy of your use of technology which you could actually present to the people you are interviewing with.