Wednesday, February 3, 2010

smart board project thus far

So far I feel that my smart board project is going very well.  Some of the things that I feel are going well include the integration of the material for the lesson onto the smart notebook.  The Notebook is very easy to use and seems to know exactly what I want it to do.  Another aspect of my presentation, which I feel, is going well is the use of Smart boards formatting materials.  The smart board allows my presentation to look very clean and well… presentable. 

            So far it seems the only thing that is not going well with my smart board presentation is that I cannot find the symbols I am looking for.  I realize that this would not be a problem in math if I had the math version of the smart notebook, however making due with what I do have has proven to be somewhat difficult.  I am sure that with a little more time I will be able to find the exact symbols I am looking for and complete my presentation. 

            I am enjoying working with the smart board and hope that my experience with the smart board continues down this very positive road.  

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LAN said...

I requested the new math version for only the teacher computer in cla 100.