Monday, January 25, 2010


I think this article clearly illustrates the benefits of using the Smartboard technology in classrooms. Putting aside the obvious bias that is present due to the fact that the article was written by the Smartboard company itself, it was interesting to read about the advantages interactive classroom activities present for students. I hadn't really thought too much about how hard it must be for students who better understand material if they are physically involved in it until reading this article. Smartboards allow students to be active and participate in a way regular discussion or note taking does not. Not only will this help teachers keep the attention of students, especially elementary students, but it will keep students themselves interested and involved in what is being taught. Thinking mainly of elementary students, I have seen, through coaching at BJHS, the excitement sixth graders experience when they get to write on the board in the rainbow or colorful pens. Overall, I think Smartboard is a great technology that really can only help make classrooms more engaging and effective for the next generation.

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