Monday, January 25, 2010

Smart Board reading

This reading about the Smart Board really solidifed my view that it a key tool in the classroom of today and tomorrow. It is nice to know that there is such a technology out there to engage children in learning. We had a Smart Board at my grade school and it was so cool to use in english class when we were writing stories and doing grammar activities. Since then, I have used the Smart Board once or twice in high school. Now, I would like to have one in my own classroom, if possible. I like how in the article it really stressed how the Smart Board appeals to different types of learners. It does not matter if you are a visual or kinesthetic learner or have special needs, YOU can use the Smart Board to enhance your learning experience. Also, because of its wide range of learning activites, teachers can use it for almost any subject. One can disect a frog or go over parts of the body with the skeleton. In math, there is the spinner and dice you can use for probability. There is even a manipulative to use in learning how to write cursive letters. It's great! I also like the games you can use to make learning a little more fun. As the article describes, it is extremely user friendly as well. They make it very simple to manipulate text, pictures, and charts in you lessons. All of the icons are also very easy to identify as well. Overall, I really like the Smart Board and all of the things it can do to make learning fun, easy, and interactive.


Bobbie said...

It seems that not only in this blog but in all of our class blogs people are talking about the smart boards ability to manipulate things and its user friendly interface. I agree with the rest of our class in viewing the smart board as the piece of technology which will make learning fun, easy and interactive, as this post puts it. Being able to get children involved in the learning process of subjects that they might not find interesting is a huge step in the right direction for a more complete school environment, and as this blog and reading have shown, the smart board will allow this to happen

spierpoint said...

I completely agree with Bobbie and Jenna. Smartboards are very user friendly and condusive to all types of learning styles. Engaging students more thouroughly in their education is an important goal for us to have as future teachers and I think that having a smartboard can really help us attain that goal. This technology is, quite simply, exciting--not only for the students but for teachers as well.