Thursday, November 19, 2009

WebQuest and iMovie

I definitely enjoyed the iMovie project more than the WebQuest one. They were both very helpful in terms of what I can use in my classroom someday, but i Movie was just much easier to format and use altogether. The hardest thing about both of the projects was finding something in English that would be applicable. There are only so many different genres of books and literature, and making everything different is difficult. However, I am grateful that I found something that worked.

WebQuest is a project that is very useful in the classroom. Although I don't think that I will necessarily be using many of them in my own classroom, doing this project helped me learn the time and thought process that goes into a full project for students. That lesson itself will be great once I get into my own classroom. It also demonstrated the thought that needs to go into making a project work for every student. Some of the students would understand a brief outline, but others don't. Therefore I am very thankful that I got to experience using both the WebQuest and iMovie/Photostory software.

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awilkey said...

Very interesting, Kasleen. I think that these projects were a great way to get you thinking creatively about presenting English curriculum. My English teacher in high school used Photo Story to provide images to the text we were reading - I really enjoyed it. With your experience with both iMovie and Webquest, you'll be able to integrate small parts of both into your classroom, making it more interesting as my high school teacher did.