Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photostory and Webquest

Photostory: I thought the photostory was a very creative way to introduce a new topic. I did "Geometry in Sports," and I feel this story would really help students get excited about a new topic. When we watched other students' photostories in class, we all were genuinely interested in each topic. Everyone had a creative way to express a new idea, and it was very entertaining. The program was very easy to use with very few complications. I could really see myself using this program to introduce a new lesson in a classroom some day. It is something you can use, see how students react, and modify it year to year for clarification.

WebQuest: The WebQuest was also a very fun project. Finding one to modify was fun because we were exposed to all the different kinds of projects a teacher can do. There is a wide variety of Webquests that already exist, and each student in our class went about modifying them in a creative way. This project differed from the others we have done because we had to adapt the project to suit the needs of a learning disabled student. The project introduced us to different things to keep in mind when creating projects for a classroom filled with students of different abilities. It will be fun in my future classroom to create my own WebQuest, and not only modify an existent project. It was interesting to look at everyone's projects and imagine how each would work in a classroom.


Jess Madigan said...

In regards to the PhotoStory experience, I definitely agree with you. I can see myself using PhotoStory to introduce new topics in the classroom. To be honest, I at first did not think I would ever use this in the classroom, but after going through the process, it seems more plausible.
I also like the idea of modifying it from year to year based on how students react.

Carlie said...

I also agree about using a photostory in the classroom. Initially I didn't see how a simple photostory would be appropriate because I didn't think that younger students would really pick up any of the actual information. However, after creating my own photostory I do think that it could be used to introduce topics in order to excite students about the content you are going to begin teaching.