Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photostory and Webquest

I really enjoyed creating a photo story. I have seen photo stories used during my observation hours and I have found them to be very effective tools. It is a creative way to present information and it keeps the students engaged.

I also thought that creating an LD webquest was an excellent learning experience. It's important to remember to break information down into steps for students so that seemingly difficult concepts can be understood. I also think that a webquest is a great way for students to learn something new while using technology. It teaches students how to search for things on the internet; which is something they will be doing quite a lot in older grades. Understanding how to navigate a website or use a search engine is important, and one of the most effective and entertaining ways to do so is to use a webquest.


Katie Dietrich said...

You've seen photostories in your observation hours? Oh my gosh, that's awesome. I haven't seen any before this assignment, but I loved them. It's nice to know that other teachers are really using this technology for their real classes and that it does keep students engaged.

Kathleen Ellison said...

I agree with you, Ana. Especially for elementary students, it is important that they get some guided help searching the internet before they have to do it on their own when they get into higher grades. Creating a WebQuest for younger students is a wonderful way to get them involved and focused. It also will be great for bringing together ideas from a unit or series of lessons that you created before.

Photostory has the same effect that a WebQuest does for elementary students. It keeps them engaged while having them learn new material. It allows the teacher to sit back and teach them without going through the same motions. I think that you will be able to use both of these in you classroom someday and I know you'll do a great job with both of them.

Klee said...

That's great that you got to see the PhotoStory used in class. It is such a great tool to engage students. I also agree with what you said about the LD WebQuest. It is very important that students learn how to navigate a website/search engine. Many times we just assume that students know how to do things, but many students do not know how to do it. It's a much better idea to start teaching them at a young age.