Monday, August 31, 2009

Elementary-Databases and Spreadsheets

Chapter 11 talks about the use of databases and spreadsheets in an elementary setting. Although these technology tools are not as commonly used as others, the author points out that they are still important to incorporate in an elementary classroom. Children at this age will not necessarily be able to comprehend the more advanced settings of databases and spreadsheets, but they should be taught the basics of it.

I never really thought about the benefits of children learning early on how to use and understand databases and spreadsheets. The author points out that things like library records and internet search engines are databases that elementary children use frequently. Also, if they are some what familiar with databases and spreadsheets then they will be better equipped when they have to use them in the future.

After reading this chapter I completely agree with incorporating lessons on using databases and spreadsheets because of not only the immediate benefits, but the future benefits as well.

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Klee said...

I agree with you about the fact that using technology starting at a young age is a great idea. Learning at a young age will only encourage children to delve deeper into the field and the field will be greatly advanced.