Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter 11 Elementary Ed Databases and Spreadsheets

Chapter 11 explained how to use Databases and Spreadsheets in the classroom.  I found it very enlightening because I never thought of using this advanced technology with such young children.  It does make a lot of sense though.  If students start making simple tables and graphs in first grade, who knows what they could be doing by the time they get out of school.  Something that I really liked in this chapter was when they talked about students using search engines to look for information.  At first I thought it was too dangerous for a child to use the internet, but if children are taught at a young age how to use it effectively, maybe there wouldn't be as many problems with the internet.  This chapter has really helped convince me that teaching children about technology at a young age can help to eliminate some of the problems that can occur later on.  

The section about graphing was also very enlightening.  There was a section that explained how children used graphs to show the different types of books they read.  One girl said that she enjoyed making the graph because she actually realized the number of books of each genre she read.   The exercise really made her think about her academics, and it broadened her horizons.  I would definitely like to use this graphing exercise in my classroom.

Another thing that I felt was very useful from this chapter was the listing of all the resources.  There are some very interesting websites that would be great tools in the classroom. is a great citation tool because it is specifically for 1-6 graders.  It's a great and safe site because students have to register/subscribe so the site is safer than the open internet.

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