Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter 12 - Spreadsheet Software

This chapter of Technology-Supported Mathematics Learning Environments emphasizes the importance of spreadsheet software that provides opportunities for students to develop a more thorough knowledge of data analysis. It explains how such software can increase understanding of the measures of central tendency as well as of variability.

I agree with a lot of the ideas present in the paragraph, "Enhancing Statistical Learning Using Spreadsheet Software." Spreadsheet technology does indeed allow students to have a better overall look at data without performing endless repeated calculations (which due to human error could in fact distort the end result). This also allows students to explore more in-depth topics of statistics, such as the standard deviation, which are typically difficult to calculate.

This use of technology and guidance from the teacher can also help students develop theories from their own observations of the data. Posing questions, such as those asked by Mrs. Remille on page 183, helps students become more involved in the process rather than just taking in lectured knowledge.

I think that the main idea of this chapter is summed up on page 187 with the statement that explains how students who are given these opportunities with spreadsheet technology "develop a deeper understanding of concepts that form the basic foundation of statistical methods."

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Ben D. said...

I completely agree with you Katie about the main idea of the chapter. That line really struck me as well when I was reading and it helped me realize how spreadsheets can really enhance the knowledge of each student. By using spreadsheet technology, students are able to truly see how the statistical methods function.