Monday, September 1, 2008

To Keyboard or Not To Keyboard..

As I read Chapter 7 from Hamilton's book, the discussion that stuck out at me the most was the argument over when to start keyboarding classes for children. When I was in elementary school, we started keyboarding in Kindergarten. We worked on the correct placement of our fingers, and using what we were learning, we would play educational typing games in computer class. To this day, I appreciate learning how to keyboard at such a young age. Therefore, I think it is important to begin teaching the ideas of keyboarding to younger students. Of course, you cannot expect every kindergarten student to be able to successfully type a sentence using home row keys, but as long as you attempt to teach them the proper techniques, it will help them be able to learn more on their own. Since our society is technology-dependent these days, it is important to being teaching early.

Also as I reflect on this past week in this class, I realize how little I truly know about word processing. I never knew about tracking changes or adding comments to a paper. In previous classes, these tricks would have been very useful to me. Since I just learned them, I plan on passing along my knowledge to my friends because some of them are less computer savvy than I am. I look forward to learning more tricks to word processing and other programs as well. I see this class not only making me a better teacher, but also a better student.

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Amanda said...

I am so jealous that you learned to key board so early! I wish every student had that oppertunity.