Monday, September 1, 2008

Chapter 7

I thought Ch. 7 was extremely interesting because it talked of activities and ideas with technology that I have never heard of. I think it would be so neat to try to incorporate digital pictures from field trips into lesson plans and homework assignments. I also really enjoyed the virtual email idea. These different activities allow the students to become more familiar with technology which is beneficial since techonolgy is becoming a huge part of our everyday lives. This chapter also discussed pros and cons of technology which was thought provoking. In the section on word processing, I thought the point on how it is easier for teachers to focus on the content of a paper when in print versus having to read sloppy handwriting was really important. I could see how using technology would be beneficial for the student and teacher in that instance since sometimes a student may get a low grade due to the handwriting. However, I could see how it could harm a student who is not as creative with word art and borders who would receive a lower grade than a student who tried to make their report fancy.
This chapter made me realize how it is always going to be a constant battle on whether or not to use technology in a lesson plan. I understand that as a teacher you want your students to be knowledgeable with technology and computers since it will play a huge role throughout their lives; however, as a teacher I want to make sure technology is not being used as a "crutch". I would not want computers to take away from a student learning how to write, spell, draw, or even do math. It is still necessary for students to learn how to do the basics without the assistance of a computer.
I have already learned so much in this class even though all we've gone over was blogging and microsoft word. I am anxious to learn more complex techniques that will hopefully be beneficial in the classroom setting.

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