Monday, September 1, 2008

I thought that the most interesting reading so far was the one about all the different things teachers can do with technology. It really made me realize how much technology is needed in this field. There were a lot of ideas that I think I can use in the classroom.
I also thought the reading in the "It's Elementary" book was intereting. It brought up the fact that even though technoloy is changing so fast, if people learn today's technology, they can better adapt to the new technolgy. I agree with this statement. I feel it was much easier for me to learn about the word processing skills we learned in class on Thursday than it would be for my Grandparents, who just got their first computer a few weeks ago. Because I have had the background word processing, I can adapt to learn the new things easier than them.
The discussion about when to begin keyboard instruction was also interesting to me. Although I learned how to type on a computer program at home when I was young, I don't think I had any school training in keyboarding until junior high. I think it is necessary to teach students this skill at a young age because I believe that they can learn better when they are young. My father never had any keyboarding instruction when he was a kid, and he is still one of the slowest typers I know. I think the sooner children learn to type, the more things teachers can do with them in the classroom with technology.
I have learned a lot in this class already about things I never knew about before. I think this class will be very beneficial for me, and I hope I can use many of the things I have learned in the future.

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