Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wiki project

I have enjoyed learning about Wiki this week. Wiki was another form of technology that I was not aware of before this class. It seems to me that the options for creating your own personal Wiki are endless which is exciting. I am excited to learn more about Wiki this weekend with the completion of our project. I am glad we were introduced to the vastness of Wiki this week because as it seems to be growing exponetially all the time, it is so important as future teachers that we are familiar with this. I can definately see myself creating a Wiki homepage for my classroom.

As for the blogging, I am still unsure how I feel about the idea. I understand that along with Wiki, blogging is growing as well. However, I still feel that blogging for students can be dangerous because it can be so easily manipulated. I am sure in the future there is going to be much better protection and advancements for blogging.


Lisa Lig said...

I had never heard of Wiki before this class either. I am really glad we talked about it thought because it seems like a great tool!

Luci said...

Wiki is also new to me, thanks to this class. I had no idea how large it was, I can't believe I've never come across anything like this. I know wikipedia very well, but I needed this class to make the connection between that website and others. I feel kind of overwhelmed by how much this site can do, but I like that there are so many possibilities. As for blogging, I kind of prefer it. I've had to blog and journal for other classes before and it was useful because I was already on the computer anyways. But I understand the privacy concern, with my other class we weren't allowed to put any names or identifying places and that got pretty tricky, because I would naturally put in a name because I blog like I speak. So, I could see that being difficult for children, it's easy to give away information unintentionally.