Thursday, October 4, 2007

Classroom Website

I am glad we are learning about wikispaces because I would really like to create a website for my class in the future. I know some teachers right now that have websites and I think it is very useful for students. The teachers post homework, links to helpful sites, and other classroom relevant material. There are so many different things you can do with this technology. It is very versatile. I think one of the major problems that people have with personal websites is keeping them updated. It will be very important for me to keep the classroom website up-to-date and relevant. Otherwise, students will start to ignore it and they may see me as unorganized. It is very important to keep up the things that you start and the things you tell your students to rely on.

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Jenna Passananti said...

I would love to make a class website for my future classroom as well! Although it will be a lot of work to keep up to date, I think that the students can definately benefit from online homework help, posting their homework online, and researching helpful links. I predict that my classroom website will be a constant work in progress that may never be fully developed as technology and resources are constantly changing.