Thursday, April 11, 2013


My assigned technology is the Flip Cam. While researching I have read/seen videos on the following: trouble shooting, how to actually create a video, and how to edit/share your videos.

I think the Flip Cam can be used in many different ways. Students in the fine arts can record themselves playing their instrument and can use the video to physically see what they are doing wrong. Students in core classes can use the flip cam for creating video projects, trailers for books, news casts on a certain topic taught in a class,and family video projects. It  can also be used for assessing if students understand new vocab/grammar because they can speak in a different language- using their new vocab/sentence structures. Also, students can record themselves in a practice interview (practice interviews are typically used in middle school and high school).  

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LAN said...

Search for more uses in terms of in class activities and also pay attention to things to consider to protect students' privacy when using this technology.