Thursday, April 11, 2013


When exploring Dipity, I discovered that it acts as a timeline where you can insert websites, videos, twitter posts, and other forms of media to add to this timeline. You can also transfer your facebook timeline into a dipity timeline. It is free to use, and once you have created your own unique timeline, you can embed it into other personal websites. Viewers can follow or edit your timeline, depending on which restrictions you have placed onto it. Dipity acts similar to twitter in that you can follow and see updates to other timelines, while viewers can do the same with your own timeline. Dipity can be used in a social studies classroom to track the important events during a specific presidency, the events that led to the creation of the United States, the major battles of a war, etc. It can be used in art class to track how popular art movements have changed throughout history. Within a science class, students can track how our understanding of the solar system has improved due to specific discoveries by scientists, with the date of these discoveries placed onto the timeline. There are numerous applications for Dipity.

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LAN said...

Think about embedding audio files, photos, and primary sources to supplement a more text-based timeline.