Thursday, November 18, 2010

Social Media Safeguard

Webroot has created a downloadable program that will have college students thanking them forever. Social Media Sobriety Test is a new online application that allows someone to choose a social networking site and the hours they wish to have a little bit of trouble logging on. For example, a person could choose Facebook and/or Twitter and the hours of 1-4 am. In order to log on to that site during this time frame, they would need to pass a series of tests that would be really difficult for someone who was inebriated. For all of those people who have a bad habit of drunk-Facebooking or drunk-tweeting, this could very well save them from a future job loss.
It is becoming common practice for employers to check candidate's Facebooks to see what kind of person he or she is. I went to see Lindsay Pollack speak last year, and she had said that employers call it "checking on [the candidate's] judgment." With job markets as competitive as they are, employers need to use every resource they have, which means that people need to start watching their social media outlets to ensure that they never have any problems. I feel that the Social Media Sobriety Test can be an easy way to help make sure that social media sites stay clear of all posts that could be deemed "bad judgment calls."

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eschmidt said...

I have actually read this article in other places and think the whole concept of it is hilarious. Though it seems practical to have a system test a person's drunkenness before they log onto Facebook (considering the amount of ridiculous things that can be posted while intoxicated) I feel like the test would be complicated enough that I probably wouldn't be able to pass it sober. What if I really needed to check Facebook at 2am and couldn't pass the silly drunk test? How frustrating!
However, I can see the argument from the job application perspective. Things that are posted to social networking sites and now being seriously analyzed by potential employers, and one drunken Facebook comment could destroy a career. On the other hand, if someone is serious about their job search, maybe they should not being going out at night and getting drunk. (just sayin)