Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smartphone Document Editing

Apparently Google docs has implemented a feature that allows smartphone users to edit entire documents from their phone. There are a lot of limitations and requirements that are needed in order for it to run properly, but honestly, I don't understand why one would want to. I understand the use of a smartphone in order to check one's e-mail etc and maybe shoot a quick answer back. However, to edit or compose and entire document on one's phone just seems a little silly to me. I have trouble grasping why this would be beneficial to have. As a country, we are way more connected and dependent on technology as a part of our everyday lives and we have more of a tendency to be workoholics than most other places. I think that having the option to edit documents in addition to all the other features on a smartphone could make that gap even greater. I'm all for technology progression, but sometimes I feel like certain advancements go to far.

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eschmidt said...

I'm totally with Annie at this one. Being able to edit a document on a smart phone might sound appealing, but how practical is it really? I get frustrated just trying to read the internet text on my droid. I cannot imagine trying to edit a paper on my phone! To be honest, I would assume that many people who regularly use smart phones may also own a laptop. Laptop computers were created to provide users with the capability to edit documents on the go. A laptop seems like a much more useful tool to edit documents than a small smart phone.