Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Technologies of the Week

The technologies of the week that we have covered over the past few weeks have been interesting. I have not been aware of most of the recent technologies of the week, so learning about them will enable me to now have more resources to use the classroom.

The lesson on Jing was one of the most helpful. Although at first it seemed to be an extremely simple technology, I was able to see the many uses that it actually would have for teachers and students alike. It was easy to use, but still had relevance to many different types of lessons and activities.

Although I have heard of iClickers before and knew how they worked, I have never had the chance to actually use them. I was surprised with the ease of setting up the clickers to work with a PowerPoint. I could see many applications for clickers in an elementary classroom. Students would be excited to use them because they make it feel like you are playing a game. Also, students who are shy and worried about talking in front of the class could use the clickers without feeling nervous about participating in class.

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eschimic said...

I agree with Karin in that iClickers seem to be a great technology for the elementary classroom. It is important to keep students engaged in what they are learning, and iClickers are a great way to do just that. Also, as Karin said, they make it possible for quiet students to participate. They are also useful in evaluating the class quickly to determine whether the students need more explanation on a particular subject.