Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Google Earth

I believe that goggle earth would be a very interesting thing to use to supplement a lesson in history. I think it would be very interesting to map out events like the civil war and the word wars. It would be very useful to map out key battles and were treaties were signed and other events that shape these monumental events.

Another way to use this is having my students doing a similar project to what we did. This program is defiantly a high school level material but it is manageable and usable with only a little instruction. Overall this is a very useful program and im sure it will not be the last time I use this program.

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jjameson said...

I liked Google Earth as well. I found it to be fairly easy to use and navigate. However the program itself getting clogged up every so often was annoying. I liked being able to watch videos and get links for places in it as well. I did the Seven Wonders of the World so it was a great technology to use for that topic. Overall, good program. :)