Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Technologies of the Week

I have really enjoyed the technology of the week presentations we have had in class so far. The google earth presentation was cool because I never knew how many programs there were that went along with the initial program. The different programs will be very useful in a history or geography class since you can show different progressions, and 20 years from now when they have 20 years of pictures it will be good to show the students how much areas have changes in the past 20 years and it will give some prespective on how much the world has changed in the thousands of years of human history. I also have found a lot of help from the podcast presentation. Podcasts are also very useful for history, since many news sources are producing podcasts now and these will be good to use for current event issues, and it will also be good to show students how people were assessing history as it is being made now compared to how things end up in the future. I have even used the search engines provided with this presentation to help my smart board project. The Flickr presentation was also useful to me since I never realized how much you could actually use Flickr for educational purposes rather than just entertainment.

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