Monday, October 19, 2009

Elementary: Other Education Technologies

I liked this chapter because, like the other chapters in the book, it talks of introducing technologies that would normally be thought for older ages, to younger ages. Technology is advancing every day, and it is important for children now to grasp the concept of it. When their generation has grown, their world will be surrounded by technology - it's important for them to be immersed in it now!

I liked how the book introduced some great websites that students can use to understand the curriculum better. While beginning to read this chapter, I thought that I wouldn't like the idea of letting a computer screen teach students important concepts. Yet I remembered the computer game Treasure Math Storm that I used to play when I was little (everyyy day). The game taught me how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide better than my teacher could at times. It was entertaining, at MY pace, and fun.

I also liked the idea of blogging for elementary grades. It's just an electronic journal! They are journaling, only on the computer. It's so helpful because in the future they will be "journaling" mostly on nothing but the computer. Almost everything they write will be on the computer - it already is like that today.

Using digital cameras in the class is an excellent way to use technology. I will definitely be using them to help reach all the different types of learners in my class. The students will also be excited to be using such "grown up" tools that they will be more enthusiastic about the lesson :)

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Katelyn said...

I totally agree with your post! I also thought I wouldn't like having a computer screen teach my students but then you mentioned Treasure Math Storm. I completely forgot about that game! I also remember loving to play it everyday and not even realizing I was learning at the same time.

Digital cameras also seem beneficial. I liked your point about how elementary students will feel more "grown up" by using this technology. This will help them to be more excited about the lesson.