Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Elementary Education and Technology

Before reading this chapter, I had never thought of the importance and complexities of incorporating technology in to the classroom. As we all know, technology is constantly evolving and for the most part I feel as if I am able to keep up. But then there are times when I have to ask my 12 year old brother about certain of aspects of say microsoft word or excel that I had no idea even existed. This chapter really put in to perspective just how important technology can be in enhancing and even improving a child's achievements at school.

This chapter starts out by explaining how technology is more than just computers. I did not take into account all the other devices such as LCD projectors, digital cameras, and multi-media tools that are implemented into classrooms now. With the correct knowledge and understanding of all these technological devices, teachers are able to enhance their students' learning and ways of thinking. Then, the point is brought up that teachers should learn how to use all this technology so they can rely that knowlegde to their students. Teachers know their students and their learning habits which make them better equipped at teaching children about technology then say a tech assistant would be. So training teachers to utilize technology, then passing those skills on to their students is the most beneficial solution. Examples of this in the chapter show that schools that use technology to its full advantages, are more successful.

I agree that teachers need to learn about the technological advances that occur and then incorporate that in to their classrooms because of the positive outcomes it has on the children. I think that if more teachers were required to stay up to date with the rapid evolution of technology, then that knowledge could be passed on to help students to achieve at a higher and more advanced level.


Danielle said...

You mentioned that teachers should be familiar with technology so that they can pass down the knowledge to their students. However, all too often it seems that teachers are asking the students to help them with tasks such as starting a movie, running a program, finding a function on a computer application. I think it should be stressed that teachers need to be very familiar with technology, not just so they can use it in their lessons but so they can relay knowledge to students. When teachers need to ask help from their students they might lose some respect from the students: something that may have terrible long-lasting effects.

krobisky said...

I agree with what you said. If teachers themselves stay up to date with technology, then children can progress and expand at a higher level as opposed to without technology. I agree that technology can be a very beneficial tool to incorporate in the classroom. I had never really thought about technology being such an imminent tool either, and after reading I can see how it is very benificial.