Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 1, The Philosophy of Integration

In Integrating Technology in the Primary Grades, the author tells of how the integration of technology in elementary classrooms improves student achievement. Technology includes more than just the computer. It also includes LCD projectors, digital cameras, and multi-media tools. She says that lessons integrated with technology can lead younger students to a higher degree than traditional thinking and lead to more complex thinking, creative problem solving, and collaboration. She makes it clear that the classroom teacher must be involved in the technology integration because only that teacher knows where the students are in the mastery of a concept. She also tells of certain resources a school must have in order to successfully integrate.

I agree with what the author is saying. By using and integrating technology into the classroom, students are becoming more involved and having a higher curiosity than just reading and memorizing facts in books. Technology can help engage students in discovery and higher-level thinking. Technology may help students to better understand what they are learning by getting them more involved in the concepts.

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