Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Experiences Thus Far

My experiences thus far with this class have been very beneficial to me as a student and also to me as a future teacher. Each medium that we have used (Excel, Powerpoint, Wiki, etc.) has taught me new things and helped me improve on my previous knowledge. I have especially enjoyed creating my teacher website with Wiki. I know that there are many resources available on the Internet, but I like being able to put the ones I want to use in the future all in one place. I have also enjoyed seeing what my fellow classmates have come up with. In a lot of classes, people will get mad if you take a good idea and transform it into your own. I think in this class, by sharing ideas, we are just strengthening each other's progress for educating our future students. I love seeing what other people create because it gives me ideas of how I can expand what I am creating.

I try to think about what I would not have access to if I was not in this class. Granted, I would probably eventually find all the resources that I am being exposed to, but knowing them now is going to help me with my last 2 years of school rather than just when I'm out of college and already teaching. This class is helping me to create lesson plans and ideas right now, and once I am finished with it, I can just keep expanding on my knowledge.

All in all, I am very glad that I decided to take this class. I also hope in the future this is made into a required course for Education because I think some people get too frustrated with learning about technology. For us teachers, however, this is essential for the future.

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